Self-Service Analytics


Making the Most of Data Access

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Organizations today are swimming in data, but most of them manage to analyze only a fraction of what they collect. To help build a stronger data-driven culture, many organizations are adopting a new approach called self-service analytics. This O’Reilly report examines how this approach provides data access to more people across a company, allowing business users to work with data themselves and create their own customized analyses. The result? More eyes looking at more data in more ways.

Along with the perceived benefits, author Sandra Swanson also delves into the potential pitfalls of self-service analytics: balancing greater data access with concerns about security, data governance, and siloed data stores. Read this report and gain insights from enterprise tech (Yahoo), government (the City of Chicago), and disruptive retail (Warby Parker and Talend). Learn how these organizations are handling self-service analytics in practice.


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