Not All Data Is Created Equal


Balancing Risk and Reward in a Data-Driven Economy

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Though data is increasingly seen as a source of power and wealth, very few organizations today realize what they have. Companies collect an astonishing volume and variety of data, but most of them lack the skills and experience needed to identify and gauge the value of these assets. And so they tend to give all of their data equal weight.

In this O’Reilly report, Greg Fell and Mike Barlow examine the risks and financial costs organizations face when they treat all data equally. Through interviews with several industry experts, you’ll get advice for determining the value of the data you collect, depending on who in your company is using it, how and where it’s being used, and when and why they’re using it.

Pick up a copy of this report to learn the «5Ws and 1H» of data usage, the C-I-A (confidentiality, integrity, and availability) approach for managing data risk, seven core strategies for monetizing data, and a method for mapping the risk/reward tradeoffs of your data.


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