Extending Swift Value(s) to the Server


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Swift quickly became the dominant language for iOS app development not long after Apple introduced the language in 2014. When Swift moved to open source, extending this modern language from client to server side became an option, and today, with Swift 3.0, companies can extend the value of Swift end-to-end. With this ebook, you’ll learn how to write your entire application in Swift—from mobile client to the middle tier to server-side database access.

Authors David Ungar and Robert Dickerson take you through Swift’s support for object-oriented, functional, and imperative programming, and then show you how to build a Swifty web service that interfaces with other services and databases. By demonstrating how Swift is related to Java and Javascript, two leading technologies currently used on clients and servers today, this ebook extends your repertoire of skills with one of today’s most in-demand languages.

  • Learn how Swift produces clear and concise code, and prevents and detects bugs
  • Produce code for the client and server with a single uniform IDE
  • Reuse Swift abstractions and code on the client, server, and middle tier
  • Dive into asynchronous programming with Swift’s support for monads and futures
  • Use Swift’s optional types and structures to tell the compiler more about your program


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