Cracking Security Misconceptions


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As stories continue to mount about security breaches in organizations and government agencies—such as the 2016 US Department of Justice hack—many people believe there’s really nothing they can do about it. Fact is, you can do quite a bit. In this report, security professional Andrew Peterson addresses several widespread misconceptions about the hacking world so that you can be better prepared to join the fight.

You may believe hackers today are too clever and attacks are too sophisticated for you to do anything, or that your organization isn’t worth a hacker’s time. But that isn’t the case.

All organizations—from small, owner-operated businesses to large, multinational corporations—own data worth stealing and are potential, and even likely, targets for an attack. If you’re ready to take security seriously, you need to involve everyone in the company, including security and non-security professionals alike. This report provides you with an accurate picture, rather than conjecture or half-truths propagated by the media.


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