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When it comes to solving thorny UX design problems, two heads are better than one. That’s the premise behind pair design, the practice of having two designers work together on each aspect of a design project. In this report, two seasoned pair-design advocates explain how this feedback relationship works and what you need to implement pair design at your company.

Authors Gretchen Anderson and Christopher Noessel take you through each step of the process, describing how one designer generates possible solutions while the other critiques or synthesizes them. With this system of checks built in, the pair is able to provide continuous testing as the design unfolds. You’ll discover why people who get a taste for pair design often find it counter-productive to return to a “normal” routine.

With this report, you’ll learn:

  • Why this practice benefits the team, the design, and the organization
  • How pair design works in each phase of the project, including research, analysis, wireframing, and detailed design
  • Case studies from Cooper, Pivotal Labs, GreatSchools, and Lab Zero
  • Key traits necessary for each member of a successful pair design team, and ground rules for working together effectively
  • What an organization needs to do to support pair design
  • Answers to several frequently asked questions about this practice


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